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Planning = Everything


You always claim you want to be more organized and productive? But soon find yourself becoming distracted and disorganized? You lose yourself between meetings, appointments and your social life? You start procrastinating? Get rid of your bad habit! Plan your day, your work, your business. Plan your life! It sounds like a lot of work? You’re right: it is. But you’ll never think: “I wish I hadn’t planned so well!”. Here are some planning methods that will help you not being overwhelmed. Whoever said planning was boring obviously never met these, so find out which one works better for you!

You’re a complete high-tech freak? You’re part of the majority of people that use their phones or computers daily? You feel like you belong to this numeric era and couldn’t imagine your life differently? Then a digital notebook would be the best for you! It has so many benefits! It’s eco-friendly, portable, editable, personalizable, accessible everywhere thanks to the cloud, … You can even program it to alarm you for important events! Digitalize your notes with a digital notebook and forget about the loose sheets you always lost, it keeps all your notes together in the app.

On the other hand, you’re not that fond about electronic gadgets and apps? You’re definitely a paper-lover? You want to stick to the traditional notebook, but don’t want to look out-of-date? Let’s pimp your diary! Go back to the fundamentals with a bit of imagination. Go get yourself a good planner and personalize it! First, you can use some sticky notes, they exist in many sizes, shapes and colors! They’re so handy when you need to add something extra in your notebook. You can even write inspiring quotes on it, so you can glue them where needed! You can also use colored pens to add some color, fun and creativity to your planning process. It also makes important things pop out and your planner will look even more pretty. Above all colorful bullet journals are still a big trend!

And did you hear about “to-do-list” washi tape?! Who thought this one could help you being organized? You can create as much to-do-lists as you want, from your grocery list to your dream bucket list, you’ll be ready to achieve your goals!

Or are you keen on something new, something crazy and uncommon? We just discovered some fancy windows markers! Ephemeral, pretty and handy, it’s cooler than a chalkboard. It will enable you to plan everywhere you want: on an office window, your houses ones or even on your car windows. Write, erase, *pffffuit*, start again! Indeed, this way, you have your planning always in sight!

Now you have everything in your hands to become an expert in planning! Ready to begin your transformation? We would be pleased to help you! Contact your Gemaco account manager to discover all possibilities.

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