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Generation (DI)Y


Stop thinking that knitting is for grandmothers or that the coolest T-shirts are made in factories. DIY, or do it yourself, is the concept that is conquering the world of Generation Y. Turning old T-shirts into fashionable tops or updating outdated cupboards to a trendy locker, we have done it all. But how could it become so popular and how to respond to this trend? Read further and discover all opportunities.

Generation Y consists of the 20 to 35 years old of today and is the first generation to grow up with the new technology, the unlimited knowledge of the internet and the continuous connectivity with the rest of the world. However, they never fail to surprise us by reintroducing a digital detox to the world, namely the DIY trend. Creativity drives and distinguish them from one another and explains why they love to collaborate with companies and share ideas. Businesses who already offer customisable options, can win many millennials’ heart and in addition also a lot of sales profit by introducing creative aspects to their product or services! So, time to start thinking about your options!

It does not have to be difficult to be perfect. Look at the game T-shirts of the soccer teams where the name on the back is adjustable, washi tape that has to be coloured or what do you think about customised polaroid frames? Luckily, Gemaco offer you the best possible options to target your customers. So yes, you heard it well. We can provide brand personalised DIY gadgets, so you and your customers can both benefit from creativity. It does not get any cooler than that, does it?

Above all, our Generation (DI)Y will not forget their nature and is very likely to put their offline work on the online platforms by sharing it on their social media accounts or writing blogs. So much winning and so easy, there has to be a catch in the deal, right? Wrong! All you need to do is, contact your Gemaco account and sit back to enjoy your success. You are very welcome.

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