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Sustainable merchandising & why Gemaco is at the top of the list

 gemaco is a top sustainable merchandiserCorporate social responsibility and sustainable merchandising are not fad exercises for Gemaco—they are an integrated part of all daily operations.

The international promotional merchandising firm has focused on its sustainable impact for many years.  In 2012, Gemaco joined EcoVadis, a collaborative platform that helps businesses evaluate their environmental, social and ethical impact based on an extensive scorecard rating system.

Procurement and CSR Manager of Gemaco, Fabian Haenggi, explains that EcoVadis helped prioritise what Gemaco needed to do in order to improve its CSR actions. The scorecard system provides a detailed list of which areas need to be addressed and what actions need to be taken in order to become a socially responsible and sustainable company.

Guided by the scorecard, Haenggi implemented internal meetings and launched an internal email campaign to educate all employees on responsible and sustainable practices. He nominated dedicated persons from each office to serve as Sustainability Ambassadors and lead CSR efforts at their local Gemaco offices. In addition to efforts made to educate employees, Gemaco also introduced a supplier management system that evaluates and supervises its suppliers. Each supplier associated with Gemaco must meet certain CSR criteria and sign a strict Code of Conduct based on the guidelines of the UN Global Compact (of which Gemaco is a signatory member).

In 3 years, Gemaco’s CSR has increased significantly. This year, the branding company boasts a Silver Medal Award, and is ranked in the top 5% of global audited companies, which includes all promotional product companies and all main retail chains.

The success experienced by Gemaco is so dramatic, that EcoVadis recently featured Gemaco as “an excellent case study” for other companies to follow.

Fabian Haenggi states: “I am very proud to be part of a company where CSR forms a genuine part of its mission and vision, and to see the daily dedication the team puts forth in order to achieve this goal. As a company, we are committing ourselves to earning a Gold Medal Award from Ecovadis in 2016.

For more information on Gemaco’s EcoVadis score, or to request the full report, please click below.

 Download Gemaco's EcoVadis Report

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For more than 20 years, Gemaco is recognised as a premium provider of promotional products, sales promotions, clothing and fulfilment programmes. Continuously expanding, and with teams located in Europe, Asia and America, Gemaco is now considered an international leader in branding, and a well-respected supplier of promotional merchandise.

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