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Marketing Procurement: Bridging magic and logic

Promotional products and POS materials drive qualitative value by contributing to the top line and building brand equity. 

However, it is often times extremely difficult to quantify the value generated by these promotional materials and to subsequently provide a solid measurement of your return on investment.

The ability to quantify the value generated by these promotional products and POS materials is what we call: Bridging magic and logic in marketing procurement.

One of the most recent challenges that faces the promotional products world is: How to connect the physical nature of promotional materials with digital opportunities to efficiently measure engagement and the effectiveness of your marketing spend?

At Gemaco, we see this challenge as the perfect opportunity for bridging magic and logic. Our consolidated competences in the creation and execution of POS and promotional materials, as well as in digital marketing, gives the Gemaco Group a competitive edge in supporting brands to overcome this challenge.

By leveraging the different areas of expertise within the Gemaco Group’s Unides, Uni-T and Springbok, we can develop connected marketing concepts that not only drive value for your brand, but also effectively measure your return on marketing investment.

Recently, we conceptualised, prototyped and produced a Selfie Spinner to capture consumer experiences in 360°. The actual Selfie Spinner is a physical product, but can easily be integrated with larger digital and social media campaigns. By incorporating the physical promotional merchandise with a digital campaign and integrating the two seamlessly, the valuable digital data can be analysed to measure the campaign’s overall effectiveness and the influence of the physical giveaway.


For more information on how we bridge magic and logic in marketing procurement, please get in touch by contacting us below. 

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