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How to make your loyalty programme "smart"

The customer loyalty card is back. But don't worry! Your wallet won't be overflowing with stacks of half-stamped cards for places you don't even remember why you visited in the first place. The solution is simple-- it's Stampwallet.

Gemaco partners with StampwalletWhat is Stampwallet?

Stampwallet is a smart loyalty programme that replaces the old-fashioned stamp loyalty cards that were popular 5-10 years ago. Available for iOS and Android, it's an app that functions as a digital wallet for all of your loyalty cards. Stampwallet works using ibeacon and Bluetooth technologies. When customers enter stores using Stampwallet, they are immediately sent a push notification to their smartphones via Bluetooth. When they click the notification, the app will automatically open the correct stamp card for that location. 

How can your brand benefit from Stampwallet?

Stampwallet offers all of the benefits that traditional loyalty programmes offer, and more. Aside from providing customer value, building customer relationships and creating brand advocates, Stampwallet streamlines the loyalty programme process and improves customer experience. Through the app, you can collect customer emails, track their individuals behaviours and build a database of loyal customers. Analysis of customer interactions with your brand allows you to improve your customer-brand relationships with personalised offers and marketing communications. 

Why should you integrate Stampwallet into your marketing plan?
  1. Forget the hassle. Customers' forgetting or losing their stamp cards is no longer an issue. Their card is always with them via the app.
  2. An eco-friendly alternative. As a digital solution, there is no need to print hundreds of individual loyalty cards.
  3. Build a valuable database. Use the app to collect customer emails and track behaviours to create a database of your most loyal customers.
  4. Gain additional insights. Analyse individual customer behaviours or overall trends to determine the success of an offer.
  5. Improve customer-brand relationships. By knowing more about how your customers interact with your brand, you can tailor marketing offers and communications to suit their needs. 
Want to know more?

We've partnered with Stampwallet to incorporate the technology into our loyalty programme solutions. Are you interested in incorporating Stampwallet into your brand's loyalty programme? Get in touch with one of our Account Executives!

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