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Continuing Growth: Gemaco welcomes 2016

By Marjorie Allen
Comment 1 Feb 03, 2016

Last week was an exciting week at Gemaco's headquarters in Mechelen, Belgium. Gemaco employees from around the world flew in to take part in our annual Kick Off events. It was 2 days filled with sales and procurement meetings, brainstorming sessions and a private supplier show.

"As a global company it is really important that we make time at least once a year to bring everyone together in the same place," explains Founder and Executive Chairman, Olivier Somers. "These days with each other give us the opportunity to share best practices and improve our global and local approaches."

Aside from the standard management, sales and procurement meetings that take place, there are also brainstorming sessions. During these sessions, our designers are given the opportunity to collaborate with each other. They reflect on products produced over the past year, develop new solutions or ways to utilise promotional items and identify the trends that will dominate the coming year. Plenty of innovative ideas materialised, so make sure to keep an eye out for our 2016 Trendspotting Guide that's scheduled for release later this month.

On the last day of the Kick Off, it is tradition that we invite our preferred suppliers to participate in a private supplier show. Over the years, we've found that large trade shows are busy and chaotic. Hosting a small private show allows our buyers, sales representatives, designers and management team to interact directly with our preferred suppliers. This is an opportunity to build strong relationships, exchange ideas and find solutions on the spot. We are always extremely grateful that our suppliers are willing and excited to participate in this event. 

The conclusion from the 2016 Kick Off days, is that Gemaco has set ambitious goals. "2016 will continue to be a year of double-digit growth. With the opening of our offices in the Americas last year, Gemaco is truly a global player. We aim to continue this expansion and seize new business opportunities" shares CEO, Alex de Geus."

For more information about Gemaco Global or the Gemaco Group, please contact us here.

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