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6 innovative and fashionable alternatives that will make you forget plastic bags right away!

Bags-greenThat plastic bags are bad for the environment, is not breaking news. Everyone is aware of the fact, still people use them in their everyday life and find it hard to find efficient alternatives. However, when you understand ‘why’, cutting plastic bags out of your life will be best decision you will make this year! The faster you start reading, the happier you will make our planet and the faster you'll become a lifesaver!

To say that the problem is purely the existence of the plastic bag, would be a lie. It already starts in the production process. Lightweight plastic bags are from the same source as all plastic products: crude oil. This non-renewable resource emits, when manufacturing, a tremendous amount of poisonous gasses, which again contribute to global warming and it consequences. Additionally, the products are not biodegradable, so it is hard to get rid of them again. Many of the trillion plastic bags can be found in sea and are the cause of more than 100,000 deaths of sea birds and fish on a yearly basis. And we are not even talking about the effect on human health… Luckily, change is happening, because the faster we end the plastic bag era, the better.

Bangladesh was the first country to implement a total ban on the bags in 2002, followed by Rwanda, China, Macedonia and recently joined by Kenya. It looks like the third world countries take matters into their own hands and contribute to a healthier world.  Time for the western world to follow their example and say goodbye to the plastic bags for good.

Later this year, the European Union is planning to discuss the matter and chances are high that there will be implemented a fixed tax on plastic waste, such as plastic bags and plastic packaging, following the example of China and Ireland, who had an immense reduction after the implementation of the tax, the latter with almost 95%. So, if they can do it, we can do it too! We have listed some cool alternatives that you wish you had known sooner!




What do you think of this cool and handy drawstring bag? If we may believe the trendsetter, the old school swimming bags are on their return and are an essential gadget for 2018! 







This cool bag is the perfect gadget for festival season! Keep your drinks cool, your days hot and your summer unforgettable !  






Your shopping bags are too small or you do not have enough hands to carry all your groceries? This jute bag is the solution for a carefree adventure in the shopping mall!






Who says shopping bags cannot be fashionable? This felt bag proves them all wrong! This multifunctional bag can be everything from handy grocery bag, to large sports bags or what about a fashionable storage basket? 





The traditional tote bag is cooler than ever! Print your favourite quote, slogan or brand on it and be the star of the shopping streets! 




More tips & tricks to reduce your plastic waste?



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